The second you walk into Shades Spray Tans 100% focus is on you and your desired level of color for an extra color boost and confidence. Janelle welcomes you in and you are then handed a small questionnaire. Within this questionnaire are questions concerning your health, allergies, medical/skincare concerns, as well as a brief overview of concerns clients may have. This is all done in an effort to give you a flawless tan with no risk of any possible negative reactions. Once the questionnaire is completed, Janelle will sit and talk with you about your desired level of color. This is not a one color fits all studio. Janelle has a complete understanding of the various skin tones that do exist and is capable of giving you color to suit your current needs.

Once the color has been discussed, you are then directed to a small changing studio where you will disrobe. Within this changing room, you have the option of disposable bottoms or tops to tan in, if you so choose. Once undressed, you are covered within a robe and come out to stand in the spray tan area, specifically designed for spray tan purposes. This unit contains extraction fans to pull extra solution away from the artist and client for safety purposes. Although, this is extremely effective in its purpose, Janelle takes your safety a step further. Once standing on foot pads, Janelle will cover your hand nails, toe nails and palms of hands with barrier cream to ensure there is no staining on these areas, you are given lip balm to protect your lips, a hair net to protect the color of your hair and nose filters, to prevent any extra inhalation of the solution disposed of in the air. You are then given direction of body poses to ensure your spray tan is evenly dispensed onto your body…and then VOILA! A few minutes later you have stepped into a world of color, beauty and extra confidence. Colors will look better on you and your confidence will shine through giving you that extra glow you can share with the rest of the world.