Proper Care Following Your Spray Tan


Taking care of your tan after the application is equally as important as the prepping is...with a tad more attention, love & care.  I mean you wouldn’t spend over a $100 to get your hair colored and not buy the proper hair care products to make your color last, same goes with the color on your skin.

First thing is first! While the solution is setting, whether it be a long wearing solution or my rapid solution, all is true…First, do not put on tight clothing.  Your tan needs room to breathe and develop, and it needs to do this with less interaction between you and your clothing as possible.  Second, do not touch your skin.  Touching your skin while the solution is working it’s magic only results in one thing, tanned palms!  Now let’s be real, even if you were out laying in the sun for hours on end, your palms would not tan, so don’t let this be the giveaway to your secret glow.  Next, don’t get wet.  That means, no water on the skin, AND here’s your 24 hour break from exercising.  Because yes, sweat just like water, can leave streaks…another tell-tale sign you just had a spray tan. 

Finally, yesssss!  You just had your warm water rinse and can live life again and show off that gold skin!  Oh wait, let’s back up a sec, warm water rinse…you mean shower, with soap and a washcloth, right? Nope, I mean just warm water and your hands, sloughing off all that solution until the water in that shower runs clear.  Why no soap?  Because just like shampoo on that newly colored hair, you need to be picky with your body wash.  Two words, SULFATE FREE.  Yup, they do make body washes sulfate free and I sell them, so no excuse there.  And that washcloth…any kind of rough rubbing of the skin will just strip the tan, so go easy, be gentle.  Oh, I know those warm water showers can be so relaxing and soothing, especially on a cold day or even after a really busy can almost just check out in the shower.  But don’t stay in too long and most definitely don’t take super hot showers because that will break the tan down as well.  As cool as you can go in the showers without making yourself into a human ice sculpture, the better.  What else feels good?  Jacuzzis and dips in a swimming pool.  However, that hot water and chlorine, especially when combined, well you can say bye-bye to that great tan and see that money you just spent go right through that filter.  After all, this is an investment, make it last! 

Lastly, moisturize!  I mean soft, hydrated skin is attractive no matter what, however when it comes to a spray tan it’s an added bonus.  One, it will keep the tan lasting longer, and two, it will allow the tan to fade evenly.  Please know that dry skin and spray tans never end on good terms. (Little fun fact: keeping your skin hydrated from the inside out is great for a regular spray tanner…Omega 3 pills are not only great for your cholesterol, amongst other things, but it also is a great way to keep that skin well hydrated).

Now...Ready, Set, Glow!  Now that you have all the tools needed to prep and care for your spray tan there is nothing holding you back from looking hot…more than usual that is.

Up next…Concerns and issues in getting a spray tan