Excessive Dry Skin and Spray Tans...

What did the lizard say to the spray tan artist?  No, this is not a joke.  Why?  Because I have had clients come in with very, very dry skin, pretty comparable to a lizard. 


With that being said, we don’t all have hydrated, supple skin.  Some of us have excessive dry skin which can make spray tan solutions just not take very well.  You see, the way a spray tan works is it attaches itself to the skin cells, very well hydrated skin cells.  So when someone has dry skin, it almost acts as a shield, not letting anything penetrate those skin cells beneath.  One step in concurring this obstacle and what I tell my clients, is to exfoliate your skin very well 24 hours prior to coming in for your spray tan.  This sloughs that dead skin off allowing the solution to really grab to those cells underneath.  In some cases, unfortunately, certain skin types are still so very dry that the solution has a hard time processing through it.  Do we give up?  Nope!  There are steps to take instantly prior to coming in for your appointment and steps you can take if you know spray tanning is your way to go and will be for many days, months and years to come. 


So, what can we do for an instant fix prior to a spray tan?  Well, definitely exfoliate like I had mentioned before, this can be done with an oil-free body exfoliant or just a regular loofah you having hanging in the shower.  Then, prior to the spray tan, apply a very thin layer of body lotion (I like Aveeno) all over the body.  When your skin is as dry as it is, something like this can only help. 


Another thing you can do starting today, is drink plenty of water and take your recommended daily allowance of Omega 3.  These two things, as many of you know, have many benefits to one’s health, but when it comes to spray tans moisturizing from the inside out really aids in future tans and also to beautiful skin…and low cholesterol levels to boot!


Now back to what that lizard said to the spray tan artist?  …I’m here for my weekly glow!