My Love & Purpose

My Love & Purpose 


Since I started it has been kind of a self taughtwinging it so to speak, experience.  From start-up to marketing to finances.  It was not until a recent proposal to buy a local business in Santa Barbara that led me to this blog today and the reason behind it.  When introduced with this proposal, I thought it would be a good time to reach out to my financial advisor.  In doing so, this led me to a business consultant.  Thus, the beginning of my Mission Statement, Value Statement and Core Values for Shades Spray Tans.  

To get a clear understanding of this blog, you need to know the business offer that I was approached with that led me to really express and dissect my love for what I do.  A few months ago, I was offered an opportunity to buy a tanning (bed) salon here in Santa Barbara that has been in business for years.  When this came up, I instantly started seeing all the possibilities of combining the world of spray tanning and tanning beds and finding an opportunity for a second location in an area I have really been eyeing for some time.  A few days later was my first meeting with my business consultant.  This was a very casual first meeting, basically consisting of who I am, what I do exactly, goals, family life, etc.  Basic introduction stuff.  Before leaving he told me that he was going to send me a few questionnaires just to really get a better idea of who I am and why I am who I am.  Seemed kind of deep to me, but I figured he needed to know who I really am and my beliefs to get this process started.  I went home and instantly started answering these questions that I have never even thought about when it came to myself or my business.  It was truly an eye opener in both the lives of Janelle and Shades.  I did, however find peace in the fact that all of these questions (and there were a lot) were so easy for me to answer.  I never once had to think about a question or second guess my answer.  I have a clear vision of who I am, what I want in my life and what my priorities are.  Even though my intention for getting a business consultant was to clearly mark out my path to buy this other business, it was after this very first meeting and these questions that made me realize my priority in my work life was the life and purpose of Shades Spray Tans.   

Then the moment of truth knocked.  While at home working on these questionnaires, it made me think how could I, a licensed Esthetician who started Shades for the purpose of healthier tanning, even justify how I would combine these two brands?  Now, don’t think that in my late teens and into my early twenties, I didn’t live the life of a tanning bed queen.  Not only did I partake in these warm, cozy contraptions that produced tanned skin, but I worked in quite a few around Santa Barbara.  Win! Win! least at the time it was great.  Until I got my Esthetician license in 2004 and really started to study the skin and all the dangers of sun tanning and tanning beds, did it make me realize the damage I had already done to my skin and the risk of skin cancer I had been exposing myself to all those years.   

Long story short…I turned down the business purchase.   

Creating Shades as a healthier alternative to tanned skin, the mindset of an Esthetician, an artist at heart and the beauty and health of my clients and their skin made this the easiest and best decision for myself, and the best decision for Shades Spray Tans.  This decision led my business consultant to say, “Great, I totally agree with your decision.”  Then to ask, “Where do you want to go from here?”  Well, needless to say a spark that was already in me was intensified with these questionnaires and made me really want to catapult the business of spray tanning within Shades Spray Tans.   

When he asked me the reason behind starting Shades, I told him it was to offer a healthier alternative to tanning, simple as that.  When he asked why this business in particular, I said it was the beauty behind it, the art and the simple fact that I am a perfectionist.  Combining all these factors together has made Shades the growing business that it is today.  There’s that saying, "When you love what you do, you don’t work a day in your life.” I have been extremely busy…sweaty busy, I have tanned in the most cramped and tiniest of spots, I have tanned body after body which has resulted in my body aching the next day, and I still I wake up with a smile on my face, an unexplainable energy and in my studio creating a cozy and friendly environment for my next clients of that new day.  And, oh my fantastic clients.  When I say I create a cozy and friendly environment for them, I try my best.  Not only am I looking out for their skin health, not only am I applying it with complete attention to detail, but I am creating friendships in my studio.  I talk to them, I ask them questions, they know about my family, they know about what my kid’s going through at school, I know about trips they’re taking, boyfriends they are dating or divorces they’ve had, and each time they come in, we learn something new about each other.   Without this personal touch which is unique to me and level of communication, I might as well just be a tanning booth, and Shades Spray Tans is much more than that.  

To date, I am happy and beyond excited to say my business consultant and I have entered a business agreement that will lay out the proper stages and strategies that will feed the life of Shades Spray Tans and make it the number one go-to choice for a safe alternative to achieve a sun-kissed glow…for optimized color, beauty and confidence.