Tan Expectations

I want to be really dark…

Owning a spray tan business brings in one guaranteed thing, people who want to be tan. However, what do you tell that extremely fair skinned client who wants to be dark. By dark…”I know I’m a red head from Wisonsin, but I want to look like I'm from Brazil” (actual new client statement).

When I first started spray tanning years ago, I tried to make everyone happy and if they wanted dark, unnaturally dark, whether their skin could handle it or not, I gave it to them. This only resulted in one thing, unnatural tans and horrible, blotchy fading.  I finally realized the simple fact that if they look bad out there in public, Shades Spray Tans looks bad out there in public. I began sitting with clients for an amount of time that takes even longer than the actual application process.  In this conversation I explain to them that their natural skin tone will effect how the solution sets on them and their ultimate end result.  Oversaturating one’s skin with solution or applying a solution that is too strong for one’s skin tone will result in one of three things...or all three; a very brassy look, uneven fading and an unnatural tan, not to mention an instant identity crisis.  This is where the “art” of a spray tan artist comes into play. 

The best spray tan out there is the one that people don't know you received a spray tan.  If you are very pale at eight o’clock at night and you go back to school or work at eight o’clcok the next morning looking like you just got back from the Caribbean, in the dead of winter and in a matter of twelve hours...that is not natural.  Things like:

*Hair color

*Eye color

*Cool/Warm skin tones


*Time of the year

...All need to be taken into consideration when figuring a natural color for one client's unique skin tone.  There is a way you can give a client a tan and have it look so natural people are looking at them with envy and wondering what they did different about themselves that is making them look so good...thus the art.