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Before and After Guidelines


  • Wax 2 days before the tan or shave the night before.

  • Take a shower and exfoliate properly using a body brush or quality scrub.

  • Do not use deodorant, makeup, perfume or moisturizers prior to your spray tan.

  • You may chose to tan in the garment of your choice or tan with no type of clothing to eliminate the appearance of tan lines.

  • Wear loose fitting, dark clothing and flip flops as some of the bronzer may rub off on your clothing and shoes. Do not worry, this does wash off.


  • Do not exercise following your tan. Perspiring after tan alters the chemical reaction of the solution changing its color.

  • Do not swim or immerse in water.

  • Do not apply moisturizer immediately following your tan.

  • Do not put on tight clothing for at least 4 hours following your tan.

  • Avoid touching the tanned area to prevent solution from getting on your palms.


  • Wait at least 8 hours before showering. (Recommend 24 hours). Use only warm water and hands to wash off tanning solution during first shower. You may see color washing off the first time, this is normal.

  • Apply moisturizer after the shower and everyday following your tanning session. This will help prolong your tan and allow the tan to fade evenly. I recommend the one I sell that is specifically designed for spray tans and the solution I use.

  • Do not take long hot baths or showers

  • Chlorine from a pool or a jacuzzi can cause your tan to fade faster.


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When using a Rapid tan solution

  • You and your spray tan artist will sit and discuss the level of color you desire to get that perfect glow for your skin type.

  • Please rinse at the recommended time given to you by your spray tan artist: Leaving a solution on longer than the recommended time, may cause you to acquire a "brassy" look as the solution might be too strong for your skin type.

    • 1 hour - Light

    • 2 hours - Medium

    • 3 hours - Medium-Dark

    • 4 hours - Dark

  • When rinsing, please use only warm water and your hands to rinse off all solution until the water runs clear. (Please note, you will see a majority of the tan rinse off in the shower with this particular solution, however the color will continue to darken as the hours progress. You will hit your peak color after 24 hours.)

  • Avoid putting on any lotion(s) until you have hit 24 hours.

  • Once you have hit your 24 hour mark, please begin moisturizing your body often, this will allow that tan to last longer and fade evenly once that time to begin.

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